New Animations


BST eltromat created two new and interesting animations about a new option for the iPQ-Center COLOR DATAPreparation and the new reflection sensor PC16S®-wave RS from the Business Unit BST ProControl. The

With the new option for the iPQ-Center, named COLOR DATAPreparation the setup of the system iPQ-Spectral for inline spectral color measurement will be simplified. The software will be installed in pre-press, production planning or quality management, which will prepare the data for inline spectral color measurement.See this new animation about COLOR DATEPreparation here.

At ICE Europe 2019, BST ProControl presented the new and innovative reflection sensor PC16S®-waveRS. The sensor generates high-precision measurements of coatings on metallic substrates, such as those used in the manufacturing of food packaging. The new sensor is a further development of the PC16S®-wave TS transmission sensor. See this new animation about the new sensor here.