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BST Italia has moved


As a leading international company for quality assurance systems in the web processing industries, we are constantly aligning ourselves with the development of our markets and the demand of our customers. Therefore, we are proud to announce today that we have started a new technology partnership with See One in the field of surface inspection. The products of the LineScan family complement our product portfolio with precise defect detection on the front and back side of the web, which is required for example in cold sealing application, battery coating lines, lamination or plastic extrusion and much more. Already this summer, we will start in-house production of the LineScan products at BST Italia.



This project requires more space, so we moved to the following address on 15.03.2021:

BST eltromat Italia srl
Via Volonterio 36/A
21047  Saronno   VA

All other references (including phone numbers) will remain the same