Highlights at Tire Technology Expo 2018


At the 2018 Tire Technology Expo (February 20-22, 2018 in Hanover, Germany), BST eltromat International will be focusing more consistently than ever on presenting itself as a proficient and reliable partner for quality assurance in tire manufacturing. The company's specialists will be present at its booth (Hall 21, booth 7062) to discuss the latest challenges in tire manufacturing with the visitors - challenges such as obtaining high-precision length and angle measurements. BST eltromat's innovation management will also be represented. The additional solutions that the company will bring to the exhibition include both proven quality assurance solutions, such as a web width measuring system, and innovations. Highlights include the visualization and operating platform 'PROSolutions', which links different quality assurance systems, and a new system for measuring the thickness of materials.

The visualization and operating platform PROSolutions, which will be exhibited in Hanover, enables customers to link numerous monitoring and measurement stations. It also provides a unified user interface for visualizing, configuring and controlling the systems. From a centralized location, PROSolutions shows detailed, three-dimensional images of the integrated monitoring and measurement systems, which makes it a very convenient and user-friendly platform. In other words, the machine operators have an overview and can manage the whole quality assurance system. With just one swipe they can switch from the web width measuring system to the web guiding system on the belt server, for instance, or to a sensor. They can then access the details and can use the touch screen to quickly parameterize the sensors, for example, or to make specialized changes according to the application needs to the camera settings.

The system for measuring thickness in rubber and tire production that is being presented at the exhibition can be integrated into the production process, configured and operated via the new visualization and operating platform. The system is modular and flexible, allowing configurations that range from using two sensors to eight. BST eltromat will exhibit this system in Hanover to demonstrate the opportunities brought about by its web width measuring technology. The example system being presented features four high-end CCD CAM 100 line-scan cameras. It has a physical resolution of 3 x 10,000 pixels and an exceptionally high speed of up to 10 kHz, while remaining very easy to operate and configure. As such, this digital sensor is the perfect instrument for the various measuring tasks in the tire manufacturing industry.

BST eltromat's length measurement solutions for tire-building machines also have exceptional features. The company synchronizes its cameras with the machine speeds, which provides tire manufacturers with measurements that are accurate to within one hundredth of a second. This optimizes the way that individual tire components, such as belts, are processed in the manufacturers' tire-building machines.

"The tire industry is one of the sectors where we are experiencing continuous growth. For example, the Chinese market is becoming increasingly important to us. Machine manufacturers in China have been gradually enhancing the quality of their products and they are now exporting globally - which means our quality assurance systems are being exported globally as well," explains Torsten Probst, who has been overseeing the Chinese tire market for nearly 20 years. "Our wide product range gives them the flexibility to meet the diverse technical and economic requirements of their customers." The machine manufacturers also particularly value the high-level expertise that BST eltromat offers as a system integrator, as well as the way it acts as an automation partner - it enables its customers to engage with Industry 4.0 by processing the quality assurance data that has been captured so that processes can be optimized.

Klaus Hamacher, the director of the Automation business unit at BST eltromat, emphasizes the significance of the Group's global presence: "Our own companies in particular are an important factor for our customers. For example, with BST eltromat South East Asia Co., Ltd., based in Thailand, we have a team of specialists on the ground locally. This enables us to offer appropriate services, including rapid spare part deliveries from our warehouse in Asia. Just over one year after the company in Thailand was founded, things are looking very positive - our colleagues there have been welcomed with open arms."

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